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Huntcare Medical Portable Oxygen Inhaler

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#Product Name : Huntcare's Portable Medical Oxygen Inhaler
#Quantity : 6 bottle per box

#Structure Composition
➡️Product is composed of inhaler tank, connecting valve, breathing mask, button and oxygen

#Scope of Application
➡️ Mainly suitable for families, outdoor travel ,plateau hypoxia and other people

➡️Those who are allergic yo oxygen, hyperoxemia

#Expired Date : 3 years from the date of manufacturing

#Storage : Oxygen shall maintain their properties when stored in a dry condition avoid direct sunlight
                 : Do not place it reach of children
                 : Use it up as soon as posible after opening the package and dispose of thoughtfully

✔Good Manufacturing Pratice (GMP)
✔More than 99.6% of oxygen purity
✔Bottle can is food and halal certified
✔Medical Generators are oil-free
✔Regulated by FDA to ensure patient safety
✔Free of contaminants

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